What: COMPILE partners published a new paper

Where: Online

When: May 2022

COMPILE partner Joanneum Research in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana and Asian project partners Institute of Rural Management India and China Mining and Technology University Beijing has published a new working paper titled “Overview of international approaches for Local Energy Systems and Energy Communities”

This paper is part of the activities within the COMPILE Task 7.5 on international cooperation activities, which is one of the most important areas of the project.

The paper covers global approaches to decentralized RES deployment and as far as applicable to energy communities. This includes the regulatory frameworks for decentralized energy deployment, governance provisions, as well as technical operation of local energy systems. These approaches are heterogeneous and depend on the economic and political systems. The document, while outlining the diversity of national frameworks, aims to facilitate a know-how exchange between the EU, other industrialized countries, as well as India and China. While the COMPILE partners JR and UL investigated approaches in industrialized countries, Asian project partners carried out the analysis for India and China.

For more information, the full paper can be found here or on the COMPILE webpage under “Downloads“.