Good Energy Festival; Event Announcement

What: COMPILE in the Good Energy Festival

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

When:  5th – 7th May 2022

COMPILE will participate in the Good Energy Festival held in Zagreb, between 5th – 7th of May 2022. Leading organizer is COMPILE partner Green energy cooperative (ZEZ) in cooperation with and Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy Europe.

The Good Energy Festival is an opportunity to get introduced to community energy.  The festival is also an opportunity to participate in rethinking solutions for its development in Croatia and neighboring countries, as well as reflect on how to increase the use of solar energy in households – which is a part of the plan to increase the energy independence of the European Union by 2030.  The special focus of the Good Energy Festival lies in opportunities for community energy in the light of growing incentives for the use of solar energy at the EU and national levels.