Policy Lab on energy communities and (im)possibilities of their practical application

What: Policy Lab on energy communities and (im)possibilities of their practical application

Where: ZEZ, Croatia

When: 17th of February 2022

ZEZ(one of Compile’s partners) organized a Policy Lab on energy communities in collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

Around 20 experts from relevant institutions participated in an expert discussion, including the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA), Croatian Energy Market operator (HROTE), Hrvatske elektroprivrede (HEP), HEP ODS, Energy Institute Hrvoje Poar (EIHP), REGEA, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB), Konar Digital and Grid-One.

The primary points of discussion were the implementation of the current Electricity Market Act and future regulations in the formation of energy communities and the participation of end-user groups in the market. At the presentation, three models of energy communities of citizens and groups of end customers were presented, as well as measurement resolution options that must be investigated in order to adopt a more appropriate and enforceable regulatory framework for energy communities and encourage investment in renewable energy sources.

The Policy Lab was the first in a series of ZEZ’s events on the topic of citizen energy communities, and it won’t be the last, based on the enthusiastic response and positive feedback. The event was held as part of the COMPILE, I-NERGY and the project on energy communities, which are implementing with the support of the European Climate Foundation.