What: 2nd COMPILE Workshop in Rafina

Where: Rafina, Greece

When: 6th March 2020

In the aftermath of the workshop “Discussing energy communities in Greece” in December, the COMPILE partners ICCS and Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi wanted to bring together the interested parts within the municipality to discuss in detail the opportunities in developing energy communities (EnC).

The meeting was hosted in the Town hall of Rafina and its purpose was to discuss viable EnC models that increase the operational role of local authorities. The discussion was focused on models deriving from the Greek legislation on EnC and defined which models should be studied in detail to initiate the development of the community.

The meeting was attended by the municipal employees working on COMPILE, COMPILE partner ICCS, Mayor, the deputy Mayor responsible for environment, education, culture and research and representatives from technical department and municipal development companies.

COMPILE representatives started the event by presenting the work that is being done in the regulatory framework and organizational aspects analysis and the findings so far for the case of Greece. Different models were discussed in detail along with the recommendations. Several stakeholders gave their feedback and input regarding possible obstacles or opportunities arising from the above-mentioned models.

The output of the workshop was the agreement, in principle, to investigate two community models. The municipality along with its development companies and other interested parts will establish an EnC and explore the possibility of developing energy projects and applying virtual net metering to reduce municipal bills and tackle energy poverty by including vulnerable households in the metering. Moreover, the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi will investigate a model to provide available rooftops to EnC to develop their PV projects.

These different models will be studied in detail and a business plan for each one will be developed. The COMPILE project will play a key role in this aspect.