HomeRule is one of the COMPILE project tools that help operate energy communities, with a focus on managing one building/home energy needs. The tool encompasses different features described below which bring new possibilities of management and control of various technologies that result in added value for end-user. The tool also supports the connection to other COMPILE tools which enable community-oriented management of flexibility.

Advanced PV Curtailment

Voltage Support

Economic Optimization


  • Advanced PV Curtailment
  • Voltage Support
  • Connection to PV
  • Connection to home battery
  • Economic Optimization
  • Interoperability with other COMPILE tools
  • Connection to EV charger (in development)
  • Connection to SmartHome and management of energy related devices – e.g. heat pumps (in development)
  • Islanding Mode (in development)


The HomeRule tool is being developed by COMPILE partner PETROL and is the working prototype that has been implemented in pilot site Luče. With the help of HomeRule, we were able to install more PV than it was originally allowed by local DSO rules and not jeopardize the operation of the grid. The new advanced PV curtailment has already been showing a real increase of green energy injected into the grid and on the pictures below the first results are presented for 4 different houses in Luče village. With vertical lines, 3 major events are presented: installation of HomeRule, of home battery and of community battery. On the pictures we can clearly see that each measure resulted in an increase in production. This is especially true for the house 1 and house 2, where the network conditions are the worst, but we can also see that improvement in cases of house 3 and 4 where the conditions are not so critical.

The detailed results of the above described measures/features and others that will follow are going to be published in special reports that you will be able to download from our website. We will also publish the important milestones in the development and results. Therefore, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media and be the first to know about the progress and project results!