Pilot site Lisbon

Lisbon pilot site is a residential quarter with 8 buildings forming a condominium with 150 apartments. It’s located in a residential area of Lisbon called “Alta de Lisboa”. The owners of the apartment have invested in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels which sums up to 9 kW of installed capacity to cover their energy needs for common areas of the buildings, including the lighting, elevators and HVAC systems. They also have two private EV charging points and all 150 apartments are connected to the grid. The households’ owners want to invest collectively in the installation of more PV panels in order to share the energy among themselves and become an energy community (EnC).


Lisbon, Portugal



The aim of the project is to establish a RES powered LES managed as a microgrid and create an EnC with the help of COMPILE methods and tools, as well as to provide an EnC role model for Portugal. By participating in COMPILE, Coopérnico hopes to acquire the knowledge and tools required to transform these 400 citizens divided between 150 apartments in a true EnC where they will be able to produce and consume energy among themselves and sell the surplus to the grid. Coopérnico wants to develop an EnC where it will be demonstrated that EnC can become a reality in Portugal and that they are also an efficient way of controlling the demands of energy in the grid and a way to stabilize the energy grid.


The main benefit will be a RES powered LES managed as a microgrid.


  • Workshop on EnC
  • Roadmap for EnC
  • Crowdfunding/EnC investment into PV or EV chargers
October 2019
  • Workshop to launch EnC
  • Event about EnC
April 2020
  • Development of EnC
October 2020
  • Installation of RES system
April 2021
  • Implementation of COMPILE tools
October 2021
  • Impact assessment
April 2022
  • Lisbon roadmap