COMPILE EnC toolset is a collection of 2 EnC creation tools and 4 technical tools which are building on 7 tools developed in 5 different EU projects (INCREASE, STORY, WISEGRID, NOBEL GRID and INCH) and two commercial tools being developed by PETROL and ETREL.

Some tools will be enhanced with new functionalities, tested in new pilot sites, and some will be combined with already existing products to exchange the knowledge and increase the replicability. All the COMPILE tools aim to accelerate the creation of EnC in Local energy systems and to assist their operation and are tailored to different users.

Creation Tools


COOLkit is bringing together all the elements of the COMPILE Toolset related to community management and the development of Energy Community. This toolkit will be built around the key success factors for the development of EnC:

Inspiration: the best way to dynamize a local community is to inspire them with real-life examples.
Knowledge at the local level: we need to provide methods and tools to create the collective structure and
the business model of the local energy communities.
The right solution at the right time: most of the EnC fail under two years because the citizens try to go
too big too fast. We need to provide tools and solutions in sync with the local situation and needs.

Value tool

Building on top of value analysis (VA) tools developed in INCREASE and STORY projects, and business model (BM) analysis tool in NOBEL GRID, Value tool will combine these two tools and add the EnC module.

The EnC module will be developed as a decision support tool for consumers or communities that want to start, join the energy community or just add additional flexible units to EnC (add new PV, batteries, EV charging, CHP). It will also allow them to explore different business models and their profitability.

Technical tools


GridRule is a toolset that will help actors that aim to operate, control and manage a microgrid in a way to improve its flexibility, stability and security. This tool comes in two versions, the ETRA GridRule and Petrol GridRule, with both versions tailored to an EnC operation.

New functionalities specific for EnC will be added and tested by ETRA in COMPILE pilot sites Crevillent and Križevci, with different sets of functionalities.

The enhancement and modification of the cockpit to EnC needs will include mostly users’ preferences and more detailed prediction of their consumption as well as EV-charging at the community level.


HomeRule will build on energy building management application developed by Petrol that informs users about consumption, production, stored energy, etc. In COMPILE this application will be enhanced with new algorithms for co-optimization of different technologies and energy vectors and connections to EVrule and ComPilot. Interoperability of this tool will also be enhanced to include connections to GridRule and Petrol’s microgrid control.


Electric vehicle charging station developed in INCH project by Etrel, that enables load control and (in combination with household load metering) optimization of charging costs will be enhanced in COMPILE with the algorithms for prediction of EV user behaviour and household’s consumption and upgraded to enable communication with GridRule either directly or via HomeRule. The  development of charging algorithms for EnC will include fair redistribution of power available for charging to all EV users and other different charging options, like asking for a priority charge in case of network constraints.


ComPilot is a digital platform that will allow the creation of Virtual Social Energy Communities. It is created as an add-in to
community management platform developed in WISEGRID that helps cooperatives or other communities manage their operation and which will be deployed in pilot sites with different functionalities. With the help of ComPilot we will try to show innovative approaches how to activate more members of EnC through various functionalities of this socio-technological platform. The development of ComPilot will be combined with HomeRule that informs users about consumptions, benefits, etc., to increase their activity in the energy management process.

PILOT SITES COMPILE TOOLS ComPilot HomeRule EVrule Value tool GridRule LUČE Slovenia CREVILLENT Spain LISBON Portugal KRIŽEVCI Croatia RAFINA Greece Buildingup EnC Enhancing cooperationin EnC Increase share of RES in the EU smart grid Increasing replicability and scalability COOLkit HIGH LEVELOBJECTIVES Full set of functionalities Already in place Limited set of functionalities Technical Tools Creation tools