Pilot site Luče

Pilot site Luče

COMPILE pilot site Luče represents a case of a rural low voltage network with a weak and unstable connection to the medium voltage grid. Luče has also a relatively weak local power grid which often encounters power failures and limits the integration of renewable energy sources (RES), as the voltage during the day rises above the limits. Outages are most common during times of extreme weather events like storms and thunderstorms. The initiator of the Luče Energy Community (EnC) is a local frontrunner who already installed PV, wind, EV charging point at home and who engaged the neighbours and municipality of Luče to establish EnC.


Luče, Upper Savinja Valley, Slovenia



The goal is to establish a cooperatively enhanced EnC to increase the self-sufficiency and security of supply of the local energy system containing residential and commercial buildings with high penetration of RES. By becoming a part of COMPILE the Luče EnC aims to improve network conditions resulting in many socio-economic benefits for the community such as the operation of local agricultural business. Luče EnC aims to keep the interest of citizens in energy and climate topics, establish trust in local energy community and local RES production while becoming the first EnC in Slovenia.


With a comprehensive approach, the project should provide benefits for all participants in the EnC. The entire system will represent the first such energy community in Slovenia which will be able to cover the electricity needs only from RES. The demo site will have a high grade of RES production units and a very diverse mix of energy systems. Trough COMPILE it will be possible to test and analyse different scenarios like inclusion of very high grade of RES production on a microgrid level and also to prove that reliability of supply issues on microgrid level can be successfully addressed with energy management of Local Energy Communities.


  • Establishment of the first Slovenian self-sufficient Renewable Energy Community
  • Installation of additional 102 kW PV panels (more info here)
  • Installation of community battery (150 kW/333 kWh)
  • Installation of 5 household batteries
  • Installation of EV community charging point
  • Integration of Home Energy Management System
  • Integration of Micro-grid control
  • Provision of emergency supply with community battery to mobile communications to enhance community safety during crises
  • New ways to provide ancillary services to the DSO/TSO with fair remuneration to all actors involved (currently under discussion in Slovenia)
  • Community engagement workshops
  • Workshop 1: Kick-off: Group dynamics
  • Workshop 2: Technical workshop: Capturing the needs
  • Workshop 3: Group send-off: Recognizing groups and offer further support if needed
April 2019
  • Signing of contract between Petrol and members of RES EnC Luče
  • Selection and order of the community battery storage
July 2019
  • Signing of contract for preparation of project documentation for transformer station upgrade and community battery integration
  • Installation of PVs
  • Description of demo site Luče
August 2019
  • Installation of smart meters by DSO Elektro Celje
  • PVs installed and connected to the grid
  • Project documentation for transformer station upgrade and community battery integration prepared
September 2019
  • Household batteries selection procedure performed
  • Signed contract for transformer station upgrade implementation and community battery integration
  • Establishment of user groups and co-creation process
October 2019
  • Household battery storage installation
  • Home Energy Management System integration
  • Micro-grid system integration
November 2019
  • Upgrade of transformer station completed
  • Community battery installation
  • Micro-grid system integration
January 2020
  • EV charging point installation
  • First workshop for EnC leaders
March 2020
  • Training workshop successful
  • Training program concluded
April 2020
  • Pilot site Luče operational
October 2021
  • Established exchange of data from Luče with Virtual Community Management platforms
January 2022
  • Development of advanced control and management algorithms and strategies integrated in EnC
  • Algorithms and control strategies validated and calibrated
  • Advanced models and technologies of local storage and electromobility
  • Integrated algorithm and control strategies in the EnC
February 2022
  • Handbook chapter of demo pilot sites ready
  • Plan to replicate business models and project solutions
April 2022
  • Handbook on the EnC creation
  • Economic and environmental impact assessment