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COMPILE knowledge sharing platform is one way how we want to help anyone that wants to better understand and start their own energy community. We will promptly publish all the projects progress and deliverables, provide you with the latest developments in EU related to Energy Communities and inform you other energy-related projects under H2020 framework programme.

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    Do all the neighbours (multi-apartment building) have to be included in the energy community? What if someone doesn’t want to be a part? What if you don’t want someone in your community?

    For setting up the energy community you don’t need to have the participation of all of the next-door-neighbours in your multi-apartment building. For example, if you want to set up a PV on the roof of your building you can use the proportionate share of the roof (members of the community/number of all apartments).

    The energy communities must be built on non-exclusivity principles. Therefore, anyone that wants to join should be accepted, except if there are specific reasons why they can’t join.



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