Pilot site Rafina

The municipality of Rafina-Pikermi is a port town located near Athens. It spreads across an area of over 40.000 km2 and has a population of about 20.000. Apart from the port, Rafina consists mostly of households and local businesses and there are no industrial establishments at the moment. The local energy systems are predominantly supplied from the main grid, yet there are small private PV installations using net metering. Consumer demand-response activity is quite low as well as their interest in cooperative energy solutions. On the plus side, there is a new energy law enabling the creation of energy communities (EnC) and providing the legal framework to work with. There are several public buildings available for RES integration.


Rafina, Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, Greece



The aim of the project is to stimulate and foster active involvement and awareness of the citizens to enhance self-supply in combination with the energy efficiency of the municipality and reduce its energy dependence on the main grid. Eventually, the goal is to form the actual Community between the municipality and the interested citizens.


Benefits are: new energy community, citizen engagement regarding energy, enhancement of cooperation between citizens and municipality.


  • Workshop on EnC – initiating and building up an EnC and facilitating its operation
  • Roadmap for EnC – the municipality intends to create awareness and involvement of locals in cooperative energy solutions and investigate business models that reduce energy costs and energy poverty
October 2019
  • COMPILE EnC workshop
April 2020
  • EnC development
October 2020
  • SLAMs integration
April 2021
  • COMPILE tools integration
October 2021
  • Assessment
April 2022
  • Roadmap for EnC creation