ComPilot is one of the COMPILE project tools which serves for energy community management. It is designed as a digital platform that allows the creation of virtual energy communities and helps them to manage their operation. The tool strives to activate more members of the energy community since it is formed as a socio-technological platform with various functionalities. In the same way as GridRule tool, Compilot also manages the demand response procedures.


  • Dashboard: Summary of consumption and production of the portfolio
  • Monitoring: Drill-in data of each member of the community
  • Map: Heat map representation of consumption and production of the portfolio
  • Analytics
    • Group analytics: Aggregated performance of users grouped by energy profile or custom tags
    • Individual analytics: User performance compared to the group or cluster they are part of
    • Clusters: Clustering of users based on their energy profile
  • Contracts: Configuration and management of members
  • Tariffs: Tariff definition for economic analysis of the portfolio


By using ComPilot tool network operators or community leaders monitor and manage contracts of the community in a user-friendly way. The animation above visualise all its features, some of them are captured also in the pictures below.