What: Integration of community battery into the grid in pilot site Luče

Where: Luče, Slovenia

When: February 2020

With the help of COMPILE partner PETROL, the pilot site Luče in Slovenia is richer for the community battery (150 kW/333 kWh). The delivery and installation happened already in the end of last year, while its integration into the grid was done in mid-February. Since that time the battery has been operating and managed by Petrol’s technical information system Tango, which will be connected to other COMPILE technical tools that are currently in the development. The battery is storing all the excess energy from the community’s PVs and use the stored energy at the peak demand overnight. Therefore, the battery is controlled in way that improves the voltage profile and network condition.

This integration of the community battery goes in line with the installation and connection of three household batteries which happened in January. All the mentioned activities are aimed to reach the milestone of pilot site Luče being operational.

In the next months we will prepare a first report on the actual measurements from the battery operation so keep up to date and follow the progress online on our website, through our newsletter and in social media.