COMPILE Final event highlighted project outcomes

What: COMPILE Final event

Where: Ljubljana Slovenia

When: 14th of September 2022

On Wednesday, 14th September,  the final event of the COMPILE project took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. The event was attended by project partners from Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Austria, Portugal and Belgium, who presented the main achievements and project results of all work streams, examples of good practices, and challenges and opportunities for energy communities.

The event was attended by almost 300 people as it was held in parallel to the International Conference on European Energy Markets (EEM22) with the aim of reaching as many interested stakeholders and the general public as possible.

The final COMPILE event consisted of three sessions held throughout the day and included social breaks during which participants had the opportunity to meet and continue their discussions with speakers and project members.

The event was opened by the project coordinator Tomi Medved from the Laboratory for Energy Policy at the University of Ljubljana. He welcomed all partners and other participants.  After the introductory session, the pilot leaders (Coopérnico, Green Energy Cooperative, Municipality of Rafina, Etra and Petrol d.d) presented all 5 pilot sites in different countries.

The second part of the event, which was also the most attended, was dedicated to the development of tools. Esteban Pastor, Bojan Stojanovć, Igor Jan and Jure Ratej presented all the technical and community energy tools that have been developed within the project. Chloe Fournely presented the Value tool, a web-based tool that allows for a detailed economic assessment of the benefits of installing rooftop PV systems.

The last panel of the event was organised in cooperation with NRG2peers and focused on the social impacts of energy communities. First, Stanislas d’Herbemont from Rescoop defined energy communities and presented a toolkit and a maturity scale. Then, Sara Arko from the Institute for Innovation and Development at the University of Ljubljana shared lessons learned from the NRG2peers project, whose key objective is to support the emergence of the next generation of European energy peer communities.

The main achievements and various activities of the COMPILE project are available to the general public on the website.  All power point presentations will soon be made publicly available on the official EEM22 conference website.