What: COMPILE Final event

Where: Ljubljana Slovenija

When: 14th of September 2022

On the 14th of September, COMPILE project is holding its final event in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will bring together EU partners which will present their work and project outcomes.

To reach as many people in this sector as possible, the event is part of European energy market conference EEM22 and consists of 3 sessions.  All COMPILE sessions will be open for the interested public and free of charge. Visitors who are not already registered for the conference as participants, please register here.

Session I: Project coordinator Tomi Medved will greet all partners and other participants and all pilot sites will be presented by pilot side leaders.

Session II: ETRA, ETREL, PETROL, and UL will present technical tools and value tool. There will be time for questions and discussion following the presentations.

Session III: Stanislas d’Herbemont (RESC) will present social aspects at the final session, in collaboration with the NRG2peers project, which will be presented by Sara Arko (IRI UL).

You can find speaker information here.

You can view the schedule here.