What: 6th COMPILE brochure is out

Where: Online

When: 30th April 2022

The 6th brochure presents the Maturity Scale! The Maturity Scale is a dashboard supporting energy community leaders and organizations providing them with a more complete view of the development stage and resilience of their collective initiative. It is a tool providing insights and deeper understanding of the development level, the core strengths and key weaknesses of a community group dealing with energy related issues in order to guide them on the way to a mature, stable and democratic organization.

This tool was validated through relationships with other research projects, such as INTERREG ECCO and H2020 SCCALE 20-30-50 and with a series of validation workshops with community leaders from across Europe. Those 7 workshops allowed us to test our dashboards and the stages of maturity. The brochure presents all the steps using the Maturity scale. Furthermore, we also published the maturity scale canvas and indicator cards needed for the maturity scale workshop.

All the dissemination material can be downloaded here.