What: in collaboration with COMPILE partners ICCS and Rafina Municipality organised the Maturity Scale workshop

Where: Athens, Greece

When: 22nd December 2021

On the 22nd of December COMPILE organized a workshop on Maturity Scale within the Athens community meeting, an annual gathering of the Greek energy communities. The main goal of the workshop was to test and explore the Maturity Scale, a dashboard dedicated to the support of community leaders in developing a citizen-led energy community. The tool has been developed by the COMPILE partners Joanneum Reserch and

The event was organised by the in collaboration with the Greek COMPILE partners ICCS and Rafina-Pikermi Municipality and was looking to gather feedback from community leaders. During the session, the concept of the Maturity Scale and the goal of the dashboard have been thoroughly presented. Afterward, the participants were invited to work in different groups where they populated the dashboard with various groups of factors which consisted of threshold and continuous indicators. The groups then compared amongst themselves what their values were and the process for filling up these criteria. Finlay, each group presented its roadmap and the indicators they select.

All in all, the workshop managed to provide better insight and a deeper understanding of the level of development, the core strengths and key weaknesses of the community groups dealing with energy-related issues.

This was only the first in a series of COMPILE Maturity Scale workshops so stay tuned!