COMPILE paper was presented at EEM22 conference

What: COMPILE paper presented at EEM22 conference

Where: EEM22, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 14th of September 2022

Between 13th and 15th of September the 18th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM22) was held in Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia. EEM is Europe’s largest scientific conference on energy markets and the functioning of energy systems.

During the paper session Energy communities on September 14th, Chloé Fournely from UL presented a COMPILE paper titled “Analysis of the Concepts of Self-Sufficiency of Renewable Energy Sources of the Local Energy Community of Luče, Slovenia”.  The paper’s co-authors are Tomi Medved,  Andrej F. Gubina, Edin Lakić, Nicole Bird and Bojan Stojanović.

The paper presents the factors that influence the self-sufficiency of energy communities are battery storage, weather variables, i.e., global horizontal irradiance, cloud cover, etc., and scenarios regarding the size of the energy community were analyzed in the COMPILE project using the energy community of Luče, Slovenia as a case study.