What: COMPILE participated in Flex 2.1 webinar

Where: Online

When: 15th March 2021

On the 15th of March COMPILE participated in the webinar Flexibility 2.1: From Demand Response to Renewable Energy Communities organised within the TABEADE project by its partner R2M Solution. This public webinar briefly presented various results from the 15 European-funded projects, each focused on a unique aspect of the energy transition both at building and community levels.

COMPILE was represented by Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gubina from the coordinator Laboratory of Energy Policy (UL). After a short overview, Prof. Gubina highlighted the main flexibility solutions being developed within the project – technical tools GridRule, HomeRule and EVRule. The first two tools are already operating in the Slovenian pilot site Luče, the first self-sufficient EnC in Slovenia. All technical solutions (PVs, batteries, EV charger, tools) and the community creation have already shown positive results in power flows, self-sufficiency rate, PV production and consequently potential future savings for end-users. The presentation concluded with the main points from the BRIDGE cooperation in the field of local EnC.

More than 140 people attended the webinar what indicates that flexibility is a hot topic in the electricity system and a lot of effort is being put into the development of the corresponding solutions.

The webinar recording is available on YouTube and speakers’ presentations here.