What: COMPILE coordinator participated in a programme broadcast about futurology

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 22nd of April 2021

On February 23rd the COMPILE coordinator University of Ljubljana was visited by the TV crew RTV Slovenija. They were looking for the answer to the question of how the world would look in the future.

Head of LEST, Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gubina, presented the energy solutions being developed within the project and its sister project X-FLEX and so our puzzle in creating a green future. The emphasis was on the pilot site Luče where the first self-sufficient EnC in Slovenia has been established.

Our contribution was part of an educational programme broadcast “Na kratko” (Briefly) which explains key concepts from the humanities and social sciences and sheds light on them in a multidisciplinary way. This time it was the Futurology.

The show was broadcasted on the 22nd of April and it is now available online (time slot 3:20 – 4:40).