What: Connection between COMPILE and NEWCOMERS project

Where: online

When: 1st May 2020

We are happy that more and more projects focus on energy communities and that there is a cooperation between them. Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gubina, PhD, head of the Laboratory of Energy Policy at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana which coordinates COMPILE, is a member of NEWCOMERS project Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). He was interviewed for the first project newsletter which was published on 1st May. In the interview he offered his insights into the importance of the energy communities for the achievement of energy transition in Europe. The interview is published here.

The NEWCOMERS (New clean energy communities in a changing European energy system) project aims to explore and evaluate a variety of different new clean energy communities. Ten case study communities are voluntarily involved. They represent social innovations along dimensions like citizen engagement, value creation and learning. The project is funded by EU under Horizon 2020 research programme. It has started in June 2019 and finishes in May 2020. The consortium consists of 8 partners from 6 different EU Member States, which are geographically spread: Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Italy.

For more information about the project visit their webpage, Twitter and LinkedIn.