International Conference: Good Energy and Economy

WhatInternational Conference – Good Energy and Economy/REScoops and Local Authorities: transforming communities through collaboration

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

When: 30th May – 1st June 2019

International Conference of Good Energy and Economy: transforming communities through collaboration between energy cooperatives and local authorities was organized in Zagreb (Croatia) in collaboration with COMPILE partners Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) and REScoop.EU. The focus of the conference was new economy models and practices from 10 EU member states that show ways of how energy cooperatives and other citizens initiatives cooperate with local authorities to realize RES projects and the benefits that it brings.

COMPILE was represented by University of Ljubljana, ZEZ and REScoop.EU. COMPILE partners also organised and moderated a workshop “Good energy, Green Energy Cooperative” in order to find out different aspects driving the development of the energy communities.

Due to the different understandings of the term ‘energy community’ Mr. Joshua Roberts presented Energy Community Definitions. The presentation was supported by a document made by COMPILE partners and Joanneum Research.