Ivan Zokovic, ZEZ: People Want to Invest in Energy

Ivan Zokovic

What:  Experience with Green Energy Cooperative ZEZ

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 14th November 2018

Mr. Ivan Zoković, representative of Green Energy Cooperative ZEZ, was one of the main speakers during the 3rd national From Words to Action Conference, organised recently by the Ljubljana-based non-Government Organizations Umanotera and Focus.

Mr. Zoković was talking about ZEZ experience regarding energy communities, whereas ZEZ develops new, innovative economic models of using renewable energy sources (RES) and helps the citizens take part in the development and investment in such projects.

After the conference ZEZ representative have a long interview with Energetika.net where he was discussing about community’s goal to bring about real change in the energy sector and to involve the citizens in the energy transition process by allowing them to participate in energy production and in the division of the generated benefits.

Full interview is available here.