What: COMPILE partner participated in the MI-EUDP virtual conference

Where: Online

When: 22nd April 2021

On 22nd of April COMPILE partner Joanneum Research (JR) participated in the MI-EUDP workshop titled Stock-taking on how demand response is progressing in the EU, with particular focus on Citizen Energy Communities.

Mr. Andres Tuerk, JR, gave an overview of EU developments on citizen and local energy communities (CEC/LEC). He presented the outcomes of the BRIDGE Task Force on Energy Communities which analysed the progress in the EU in the field of CEC/LEC EU framework. He tackled the trends observed, scale of the H2020 projects and how they interacted with energy markets and the grid.

The event was organised by the Danish Technical University and the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance with an aim to evaluate the progress of demand response activities especially in the EU and discuss the potential of CEC and LEC. The workshop was aligned with the Mission Innovation program activity on demand response, supported by the Danish research program Energy Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP).

More information and the agenda is available here.