What: COMPILE partner ICCS published a new report

Where: Online

When: December 2021

COMPILE partner ICCS/NTUA published a report titled “Community Energy Transition in the Ionian Islands: An analysis and scenario roadmap with focus on Corfu and Zakynthos”. The study has been commissioned by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) to Greenpeace Greece and was conducted by a consortium of experts under the supervision of the ICCS/NTUA.

This report is the results of an extensive analysis and scenario building study focusing on Corfu and Zakinthos. The interest is in community-energy-driven transition, which is characterized by local ownership of the renewable energy projects, citizen’s participation and benefit sharing.

The study follows an analytical tradition that favours the specificities and particularities of the given islands in question. Such a qualitative analysis provides explanatory potential regarding the factors and outcomes of spatial socio-economic development and their theoretical, discursive and political dimensions and provides feedback on quantitative scenario-based investigations of energy planning.

It first takes stock of the socioeconomic, environmental, regulatory and energy realities of the islands followed by a technical assessment of their electric energy status. Based on the above, different scenarios are defined indicating the possible degree of RES penetration and the impacts of an energy communities-based transitional path for the given island communities. Investment and citizens’ engagement potential for the islands are estimated based among others on a survey exploring attitudes of the local population concerning the energy transition and the energy communities. Scenario building and foresight are used to project on possible future community-based RES realities at the local level while recommendations on how to achieve this are offered.

Discover the summary report of the study in English and Greek and the entire study here. The news in Greek was published also on the website of Greenpace Greece.