New working paper by COMPILE partner

What: COMPILE partners published a new paper

Where: Online

When: November 2022

A new working paper titled »Energy communities and energy poverty mitigation: Quantitative assessments of cases in Portugal and Spain« has been published by Compile partner, Joanneum Research.

The aim of this report is to compare two European countries (Portugal and Spain) regarding the impact renewable energy communities (RECs) or collective self-consumption schemes (CSC) could have to reduce the energy expenditures of energy-poor households. Both countries already introduced a social tariff for electricity in 2008 and 2009 to reduce the financial burden of vulnerable or energy-poor households but both countries still have a high-energy poverty rate. Therefore, additional policy measures to fight energy poverty are necessary. The “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package introduced energy communities as a new possibility to reduce energy expenditures of vulnerable households. This analysis presents the social tariff structure of both countries and shows how the combination of the social tariff with a REC or CSC scheme can generate additional cost reductions.

For more information, the full paper can be found here or on the COMPILE webpage under “Downloads