New working paper by Compile partners

What: New working paper by Compile partners

Where: Online

When: February 2022

A new working paper titled »Developing a tool to assess the maturity and growth of energy communities« has been published by Compile’s two partners, Joanneum Research and

The Working paper represents a first attempt to create a tool for a consistent (self-)assessment and monitoring of citizen-led energy communities. The relevance of indicators will depend of the type of community and their aims. Collective actions operating outside the stricter framework of EU provisions for energy communities may have less focus on social factors while economic factors such as profitability may play a bigger role. Currently, the indicators developed within the above-named factors are tested in a variety of different energy initiatives and by collecting feedback from initiative representatives and experts. This will also provide an insight which indicators are more or less important for the maturity development of a community according to the current stage of the community.

For more information, the full paper can be found here or on the COMPILE webpage under “Downloads“.