What: Second solar power plant in Croatia financed by citizens started producing green energy

Where: Križevci, Croatia

When: 4th October 2019

On the roof of the Public Library Franjo Marković in the city of Križevci, a 30 kW solar power plant, which was fully financed by the citizens under the micro-loan business model, started to produce green energy on 4th October. A total of 40 citizens have decided to support the solar power plant by giving a micro loan to the Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) for a period of 10 years, within which their interest will be repaid at 3 % per annum.

The required amount of HRK 172.000 (cca. € 23.000) for the installation of a solar power plant on the roof of the library was collected in a record time of 48 hours. The stakes in the solar power plant were limited to a minimum of HRK 1.000 (cca. € 135) and a maximum of HRK 7.500 (cca. € 1.000) in order to involve as many citizens as possible.

Organized by ZEZ the power plant launch event brought together citizen investors and other locals who had the opportunity to find out what are the options for establishing an energy community aimed at creating energy self-sustaining public spaces. The event and the establishment of the Energy Communities (EnC) are a part of the Horizon 2020 project Compile.

The participants expressed their interest in actions on the local level through the new EnC and to be engaged as co-creators of local policies and projects for community benefit.

More about this topic is published on ZEZ’s webpage – Citizens role in energy transition – From what is to what if!