Solar Opportunities for Local Communities

What: COMPILE participated at the Good Energy Festival

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

When: 5th – 7th of May, 2022

Where are citizens and local communities in the efforts to decarbonize electricity production, democratize the energy sector and increase incentives for the use of solar energy at the EU and national levels? The Good Energy Festival, which took place in Zagreb from May 5th to 7th, 2022, provided answers to these issues through a variety of expert, educational, and entertaining programs. COMPILE representatives were present at several of the activities.

The second day of the Good Energy festival began with a workshop on developing own civic energy initiative led by Stanislas d’Herbemont, the representative of our partner The workshop was based on the methodology of energy community development that was created as part of Compile project. Following the workshop, Tomi Medved, PhD, from the ULspoke on the panel Geek talkShare your extra Energy, where he highlighted advanced energy concepts such as energy communities, automatic consumption control, energy sharing with neighbors, and charging electric vehicles. He discussed his ideas and project experiences with four additional experts: Alvaro Sanchez Miralles, Commilas University (Spain), Tin Koren, Strujni Krug (Croatia), Antonia Kujundžić Velimirović, A1 (Croatia), Hrvoje Keko, Končar-Digital (Croatia).

 Thank you Good Energy Festival for wonderful event. See you next year!