What: Summer School 2022 in Thessaloniki

Where: Thessaloniki, Greece

When: 28th-30th June 2022

We are very excited to announce Summer School in Thessaloniki organized over the project EUCERNA and COMPILE.  The applications are now open!

The citizen energy movement is evolving all over Europe, crystalizing the need for citizens and local communities to access renewable and affordable energy, such as solar and wind energy, and to contribute actively to the transition to a just, democratic and inclusive energy system across Europe.

This summer school will foster networking at the Balkan level and cross-country exchange of ideas, tools, knowledge, and good practices. It will also begin consolidating the community energy movement in Eastern Europe, where citizen energy is just developing, and foster collaboration with partners from Central Europe and Western Europe, which already has a strong tradition of citizen energy.

More information about the Summer School, its program and how to apply is available here.