What: COOLkit integrated into our website

Where: COMPILE website

When: 21th June 2021

The Energy Community Tool or shortly COOLkit is an online platform that brings together all the elements of the COMPILE tools related to community management and the development of energy communities.

Do you want to take action to tackle climate change, to change your energy system or simply create a neighborhood action group? Then this repository is for you!


This toolkit was built around the key success factors for the development of energy communities: inspiration, knowledge and the right solution. It serves as an extensive guidebook for energy community creation by covering various aspects of it, each of them covered in a guide:

  • Best Practices Guide,
  • Financing Guide,
  • Stakeholder Engagement Guide and
  • Technical Tools Guide.

The COOLkit comes in three forms – introductory brochure, report (project deliverable D4.1) and website. An online version is broken down into guides and leads you through the content by the decision tree structure.

This toolkit is an evolving product – it will be updated with more guides by the end of the project so stay tuned!