What: COMPILE partner Coopérnico participated in a webinar organized by ERSE

Where: Online

When: 6th July 2021

Coopérnico members Ana Rita Antunes and João Crispim participated in a webinar organized by ERSE (the Portuguese energy regulator) titled “Collective Self-Consumption and Renewable Energy Communities: On the way to becoming a reality”.

They shared with an audience of around 450 participants their experience with the COMPILE pilot site Lisbon, as part of a panel that also included a representative of an energy community project in a social housing district and a representative of an electro-intensive industrial company interested in adopting this model.

The webinar was also an opportunity to interact directly with other stakeholders in the national energy market, highlighting the legislative, financial and social challenges found on the ground and suggesting ways to overcome them so that renewable energy communities effectively move from paper to reality.

The event was recorded and is still available online.