Webinar Using public procurement to enhance community development

What:  Webinar Using public procurement to enhance community development

Where: online

When: 19th of September 2022

The webinar was organized by Rescoop.eu in partnership with Energy Cities and Energie Commune on the 19th of September.

The recognition of energy communities through European legislation is creating a unique opportunity for local authorities to act locally and collaborate with their citizens.  As the pressure is building in Europe to support the development of renewables and increase local resilience, this collaboration could be a deciding factor in the mobilisation of European citizens. However, municipalities face difficulties to adapt the rigid framework of public action to the needs of community organisations. Specifically, public procurement procedure a often seen as barrier to trigger the development of projects locally.

Through the COMPILE project, we collected and analyse potential ways to adapt municipal public procurement and concession procedures to support the participation of energy communities . Mr. Stanislas D’Herbemont presented the “municipal guide” on how municipalities can support the participation of Energy communities to all participants.

This topic was covered in the Deliverable D4.4, which is accessible here.