What: Workshop on collective self-consumption

Where: Online

When: 4th of February 2021

Energy Communities (EnC) are cooperatives that allow citizens, small-medium sized businesses and municipalities to actively contribute to the production of affordable energy. Through this workshop, addressed to residents of Athens, we highlighted various scenarios and business models under which citizens, municipalities and ‘vulnerable’ households or synergies of them can benefit from an EnC.

The workshop started with greetings from representatives of Athens’ Municipality NTUA, Green Peace Greece and The emerging role of EnC in enhancing a more democratic and inclusive transition of electric system was highlighted by Electra Energy. Project partner from ICCS presented various collective-self-consumption schemes based on the existing regulatory framework of EnC and provide examples of viable business models. Finally, the obstacles and the challenges that EnC are currently facing were thoroughly analyzed giving a starting point to the lively discussion that followed.

More than 330 people participated in the workshop while the event was also broadcasted on social media platforms.