What: COMPILE prepared a workshop during the SST 2020

Where: Osijek, Croatia & online

When: 16th October 2020

COMPILE partners Petrol d.d., ZEZ and the University of Ljubljana organised a workshop during the SST 2020 conference which was held in Osijek (Croatia) and combined with online participation.

The workshop “Energy Communities for Citizen Participation in the Energy Network” was structured in three parts and as many speakers. To begin with, Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gubina, UL, talked about energy communities (EnC) for citizen participation in the energy network based on the experiences from the COMPILE project. The second part was dedicated to the general presentation of the COMPILE project, its pilot sites and progress made in each of them. Activities performed in pilot site Luče were introduced by Mr. Gašper Artač, PhD, from Petrol d.d., while Mr. Tomi Medved, PhD, from UL, focussed on pilot sites Crevillent, Rafina and Lisbon. Finally, Boris Pavlin, PhD, from ZEZ explained not only their role in COMPILE but also how they ran a crowdfunding campaign and established EnC in Križevci.

Around 40 participants attended the workshop and some of them engaged actively in the questions and answers section at the end of the presentations.