What: COMPILE organised a workshop during the Sustainable Places 2020

Where: Online

When: 28th October 2020

COMPILE, together with H2020 sister projects on energy islands iELECTRIXMERLON and MUSE GRIDS, organised a workshop “Energy Communities in Practice: The What’s and the How’s” during the Sustainable Places 2020.

The workshop started with the introductory session which consisted of four presentations by the project representatives – Katarina Valalaki (MERLON), Alessandra Cuneo (MUSE GRIDS), Andrej Gubina (COMPILE) and Pierre-Jacques le Quellec (IElectrix). Each of them presented the project and their overall work with the emphasis on Energy Communities (EnC).

The second part of the workshop was more interactively oriented. The audience was asked to reply to several polls related to technology, social acceptance, business and regulation. Their views were then commented and elaborated by the project representatives who also shared the experiences from the projects.

In the end the most successful practices of attracting citizens to join an EnC were discussed with the collaboration of Guilherme Luz (PROSEU), Thomas Mikkelsen (GECO Global) and Joachim Hacker (Gussing Renewable Energy Center).

Besides 11 panelists 43 persons attended the workshop and showed great involvement. All four sister projects cooperated on a very high level and were satisfied with the event and its innovative format.