Workshop on Energy Communities – Citizens United for the Energy Transition in Greece

What: A Workshop on Energy Communities organized by Greenpeace Greece – “Citizens United for the Energy Transition in Greece”

Where: Rainbow Warrior, Zeas Port, Athens, Greece

When: 12th June 2019

Greenpeace Greece has organized a workshop for energy communities within the European campaign on the climate crisis and the promotion of clean energy from renewable sources. The aim of the workshop was to inform about benefits of energy communities and to present related initiatives that have emerged within the country. Workshop participants came from a wide range of relevant domains including citizens, NGOs, social enterprises, associations, research centres, public authorities and individual professionals non related or related to the energy market.

COMPILE’s partner ICCS-NTUA has presented his research activities regarding the energy communities and also promoted the benefits of energy communities. Furthermore, they participated on the related discussion panels, sharing its perspectives and experiences regarding the new legal framework.