What: Workshop “The Clean Energy Package and the national energy and climate plans – Outlook for Renewable Energies in Croatia”

Where: Croatian Parliament, Zagreb, Croatia

When: 16th October 2019

In cooperation with the European Affairs Committee of the Croatian Parliament, The European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES) organized a workshop focused on the situation of renewable energies in the new energy system and energy markets in Croatia and how it will be addressed via the national energy and climate plans, considering the EU’s Clean energy for all Europeans package. In addition to EUFORES representatives, the workshop was attended by representatives of the Croatian Parliament and representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, the European Commission and civil society.

The workshop was opened by EUFORES Secretary General Dr. Jan Geiss and he expressed satisfaction with the possibility of holding such an event in the Croatian Parliament. He stressed out that EU membership represents, among other things, an opportunity for energy policy development.

In the continuation of the workshop, aimed at gathering relevant renewable energy actors and opening a forum for exchange of views, the participants discussed Croatian and European energy policy and the current state and plans for the use of renewable energy in Croatia, with an emphasis on the EU strategy “Energy 2020“. The participants of the workshop emphasised the importance of building a comprehensive national legal framework, expressing a clear political will and raising awareness of the importance of renewable energy sources for the success of all current and future projects in this field.

Mr. Zoran Kordić from COMPILE partner Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) was one of the speakers of the session “Towards a new energy system and energy markets – views from the sector(s)”. He focussed on the role of citizens in the energy transition which was presented through the case of “Sunny roofs” (cro. “Sunčani krovovi”) in Križevci. Elaborated post on this topic was published on ZEZ’s webpage – Citizens role in energy transition – From what is to what if!

Detailed agenda of the event can be found here.