What: Workshop “Train the Trainer”

Where: Crevillent, Spain

When: 19th November 2019

The goal of the workshop was to enhance the visibility of the Crevillent citizens organisations and present COMPILE project to the local leaders. The main topic was the community engagement process, the role of COMPILE partner Enercoop in this process and the expected outcome.

The meeting was hosted and directed by Enercoop with the support of two other COMPILE partners ETRA and

The meeting brought together 10 leaders from various civil society organisations of Crevillent, as well as the municipality. Together they discussed the needs of the energy community (EnC) of Crevillent, as well as the various ideas that will be deployed by Enercoop in the coming months.

In the first presentation Enercoop introduced the goals and process followed by the COMPILE project. Afterwards showed various examples of EnC across Europe, specifically the Licht program in Belgium, and explained the relationship of this program to the opportunity in Crevillent.

The meeting ended with a restitution and the next steps summarized by