What: Workshop “Train the Trainer”

Where: Luče, Slovenia

When: 20th February 2020

The goal of the workshop was to explain the role of the citizen energy community and to motivate the community leaders for further actions.

The meeting was hosted by the Municipality of Luče with the support of COMPILE partner PETROL and project coordinator University of Ljubljana (UL).

The meeting brought together 13 leaders from various local organisations, COMPILE partners and as well the representatives of DSO Elektro Celje. The event was joined also by Mr. Ciril Rosc, the mayor of Municipality of Luče, and Mr. Rok Suhadolnik, the community leader.

To begin with, Mr. Tomi Medved, PhD, from UL introduced the goals of COMPILE project for Luče pilot site, how energy community (EnC) should be set up and its importance in green energy transformation. Secondly, Mr. Gašper Artač, PhD, from Petrol presented all the RES installations and technical improvements that have already been done in Luče. Workshop continued with the local DSO Elektro Celje introducing their positive view on the development. They see the whole project as a perfect example to show to The Energy Agency in Slovenia what is possible with the technology development and community power. The workshop concluded with the presentation of various examples of EnC across the Europe and the discussion about new opportunities that are arising in Luče.

This was the last COMPILE workshop organised at each of the pilot sites as a part of the energy community development process.

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