What: X-FLEX project partners visited pilot site Luče

Where: Luče, Slovenia

When: 5th February 2020

X-FLEX project partners visited Slovenian village Luče, one of the main pilot sites in the COMPILE project, where the first self-sufficient energy community in Slovenia is being created. Within X-FLEX the pilot site will be upgraded with a market-based approach to provide flexibility.

During the visit colleagues from Petrol d.d. briefly described how the energy battery works and the experts from DSO Elektro Celje d.d. explained how the energy storage improves network stability and why the upgrade of the transformer station was needed.

X-FLEX is an international European research project, co-funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research programme. There are 12 partners from across the EU and three of them, Laboratory of Energy Policy (LEST) from the University of Ljubljana, Petrol d.d. and Elektro Celje d.d. are from Slovenia.

More information about the visit of Luče and X-FLEX project is available on LEST website.