What: COMPILE partners collaborated in the publishing of two papers

Where: Online – Environmental Science Proceedings

When: 25th and 29th November 2021

Two months ago we participated in the international conference Sustainable Places 2021 in Rome, Italy. We were involved in two workshops which resulted in joint publications, available in an open access journal the Environmental Sciences Proceedings by MDPI.

The first workshop Energy communities: how tools can facilitate their enhancement  was organised by H2020 EU-funded sister projects on energy islands iELECTRIXMERLONMUSE GRIDS and COMPILE. It offered an overview of different tools used for the optimization of local energy networks and demonstrate how to facilitate grid interaction from the perspective of technology leaders representing four H2020 projects. This session offered a unique opportunity to discuss different approaches and compare the frameworks, practices, and tools used by different energy communities. Its findings were summed up in a paper “Energy Communities: How Tools Can Facilitate Their Enhancement and published on 25 November 2021 in Environ. Sci. Proc. 2021, 11(1), 13; From the COMPILE team, Mr. Tomi Medved, Phd (University of Ljubljana) participated in the workshop and the paper writing.

Another workshop was about “Challenges and mitigation strategies for mass development of Energy Flexibility in EU” where projects WHY, DRIMPAC, NEWCOMERS, DECIDE, SocialRES, BEcoop and COMPILE joined forces. The paper that followed presents how the above-mentioned projects attempt to develop business models (BM) for energy communities, highlighting the key issues and challenges encountered. The various projects also showed diverse ways to support energy community BMs, developing and demonstrating both technological as well as governance tools and support. What all projects pointed out is that energy communities lack (financial, knowledge, relational) resources and that the current local, regional and national market and policy frameworks are not conducive for energy community BMs. The paper A Business Model Fast Track on Energy Communities ─ Key Lessons Learned from H2020 EU Projects”  was published on 29 November 2021 in the same journal – Environ. Sci. Proc. 202111(1), 19; From the COMPILE team, Mr. Esteban Pastor (ETRA) participated in the workshop and the paper writing.