What: Municipality of Luče awarded for its pioneering role in the energy community movement in Slovenia

Where: Online

When: 3rd June 2021, the leading Slovenian portal in the field of energy, announced the winning Slovenian municipalities in terms of breakthrough and pioneering role in energy solutions. The winner among small municipalities was Miklavž na Dravskem polju, among medium Ajdoviščina and Tržič and among large Nova Gorica. This year for the first time they also awarded a special prize for the establishment of the energy community which was given to Luče, where one of five COMPILE pilot sites is located.

In spring 2020 the first and completely self-sufficient energy community in Slovenia was established. This is the result of intense project work and model example of cooperation between different stakeholders, in this case, energy company Petrol, DSO Elektro Celje, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana) and a local community.

Energy community Luče got the solar power plants on 9 buildings with the total power of 102 kW, five household batteries (2 x 10 kW/23,2 kWh, 10 kW/11,6 kWh, 5 kW/9,8 kWh and 3,5 kW/7 kWh) and a community battery (150 kW/333 kWh). Besides, the public EV charger has been installed. The system is being managed by Petrol’s technical information system (IoT platform) Tango and Home Energy Management System (HEMS) which was developed within the project.

The recent award is another proof of the excellent project work which creates energy solutions with high potential for further implementation and so has a pioneering role not only in Slovenia but worldwide.

Thank you to all the partners and stakeholders!

More information about the awards is available on (subscription needed).