What: Article on Energetika.NET

Where: Online

When: 17th March 2021

Online newspaper Energetika.NET published an article titled “Right Regulation and Standardised Processes Could Boost Energy Communities” where it considered stakeholders’ experiences in several EU-funded energy community projects, among which also COMPILE.

The article points out that the main reason why energy communities (EnC) in Europe haven’t boosted as much as they could is a lack of supportive regulation and limited standardisation of technical, business and social processes.

Despite many uncertainties in the field of energy communities, Slovenia could be seen as one of the movers in that area. Within the COMPILE pilot site Luče, the first self-sufficient EnC in Slovenia was established. What is more, with the Decree of Self-supply with Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources being amended Slovenia simplified the procedure for forming EnC.

The COMPILE consortium is happy to see that the project work and effort are being noticed and play an important part in shaping a more sustainable world.

The whole article is available on Energetika.NET (in Slovene and English, subscription needed).